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Fables and Fairy Tales invites you to join their book club, It’s A Hardback Life. We are pleased to announce we offer two book choices each month. 

Book club members receive 25% off the book of the month. RSVP not required but appreciated. Join us for a fun night of discussion and bring a snack if you like. Books are available are in store now!

Monday with Melissa

March 20th at 6:00pm

Everyone in my family has killed someone. Some of us, the high achievers, have killed more than once. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but it is the truth. Some of us are good, others are bad, and some just unfortunate.

I’m Ernest Cunningham. Call me Ern or Ernie. I wish I’d killed whoever decided our family reunion should be at a ski resort, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

Have I killed someone? Yes. I have.

Who was it?

Let’s get started.


My brother

My stepsister

My wife

My father

My mother

My sister-in-law

My uncle

My stepfather

My aunt



Thursday with Rick - Classics

Thursday, March 23rd 7:00pm
9780307455185 (2).tif

Perhaps the most haunting and tormented love story ever written, Wuthering Heights is the tale of Heathcliff, a brooding, troubled orphan, and his doomed love for Catherine Earnshaw. 

Monday with Melissa

March 27th at 6:00pm

The first rule of the Bromance Book Club: You don't talk about book club.
Nashville Legends second baseman Gavin Scott's marriage is in major league trouble. Four weeks ago, he discovered a humiliating secret: his wife has always faked the Big O. When he blows up and then emotionally checks out, that's the final straw in their strained relationship for Thea, who asks him to move out. But before long he realizes what a huge mistake he made letting his pride and fear get the better of him. Gavin desperately wants to go home to his wife and three-year-old twin girls for the holidays. But to his dismay, all Thea wants is a divorce.

Distraught and desperate, Gavin finds help from an unlikely source: a secret romance-reading club of Nashville's top alpha men. With the help of their current read, a steamy Regency titled Courting the Countess, the boys--all happily married men who've been in his shoes--aim to coach Gavin into enticing Thea to give him another chance. But it'll take a lot more than flowery words and sexy grand gestures for this hapless Romeo to find his inner romance hero and win back the trust of the woman he can't live without.

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