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Our Team

- Jennie Middleton, Owner-   -John Dugger, Organizer Extraordinaire

Jennie bought the bookstore in July of 2019 and it has been quite the adventure ever since! Her love of crafting is evident in the store with the variety of handcrafted items we now carry. 

- Melissa Schmidt, Manager -

It is this bookworms dream come true to work at the bookstore.  I love the challenge of finding just the right book for customers and seeing the joy on their faces.  One of my favorite books we carry is Uni the Unicorn.

- Donnielle , Kids Bookseller Extraordinaire & Warmie Expert

I'm Donnielle. I'm a lifelong resident of Morgan County. I'm married with 4 children and 2 grandchildren. I have 29 years of early childhood development.

My favorite thing in the store is everything in the children's section and the new slumberkins.

- Jen,  Bookseller Extraordinaire & Vendor Expert -


- Kylin, Bookseller Extraordinaire -

I'm Kylin. I attend Martinsville High School and am an aspiring voice actor and love doing voiceover.  I enjoy drawing and would like to become a children's book illustrator someday. 

- Isaac, Bookseller Extraordinaire -

I’m Isaac and have abandoned my coworkers to attend college.  My favorite books are The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the I Survived Series. My favorite product in the store is Out of Print.

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