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Do you know Indianapolis better than your friends?

Are you new to the area and want to see it all and

explore the city?

This book will send you on a guided scavenger

hunt, dispersed across 19 of the city’s vibrant

neighborhoods and cultural districts. The clues

within are your compass, guiding you through

breathtaking parks, historical monuments and

oddities, local businesses and restaurants, sports

arenas, public art installations, and architectural

marvels unique to the city.

Every clue holds a delightful discovery or an

unexpected revelation about Indiana’s capital city.

Whether you aim to be the solver of all riddles,

desire a spirited adventure with family or friends,

are looking for a unique date night activity, or want

to indulge in a solitary, creative journey, you’ll

unveil new charms of Indianapolis.

Lifestyle and Indianapolis family expert

Katy Mann from has created

a collection of quests with historical context,

storytelling, and a bit of poetic flair. Join

other Indianapolis Scavenger enthusiasts at

Indianapolis Scavenger

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