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New York Times bestselling author Katherine Center's latest laugh out loud, feel good rom-com about writing your own story.

Emma Wheeler has big dreams, although she hasn't let herself think about them in years. But then, her big break comes along: she's offered a job to write a screenplay with none other than her hero, movie writing legend, Charlie-freaking-Yates! And it's a rom-com! It's THE dream... until reality sets in.

So, she'll be a ghostwriter, not an actual credited writer. And she'll have to leave her dad, who requires her full time care after a climbing accident, with her younger sister and move to LA to write it. And, it turns out that Charlie's kind of a jerk and is only writing this movie to get a Mafia movie that he actually cares about made. And that's not the worst of it... Charlie doesn't even get rom-coms because he doesn't believe in love.

But Emma's not going down without a fight. She's determined to help Charlie write a kick-ass screenplay, not for him, but for herself and her dreams. The first step? Make Charlie get rom-coms. The more time Emma spends with Charlie, the more she realizes there may be more to him than the hot-shot writer guy he portrays. And the more she tries to teach him about love, the more real it all starts to seem. Can Emma really write her dreams into reality? Or was it all fiction after all?

The Rom-Commers (special edition sprayed edges)

$29.00 Regular Price
$23.20Sale Price
  • Sprayed Edges

  • Releases June 11, 2024

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